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Dental Assisting Program
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GRAYS Academy of Dental Assisting

Seattle, WA

Welcome to the start of an exciting new journey! 
Dentistry is an exceptionally rewarding and growing industry, with a high demand for Dental Assistants! After completing our course at Grays Academy, you will have the tools and confidence necessary to enter the workforce as a professional Dental Assistant. Our program is designed to deliver dental assistant training in a condensed time frame (11 weeks), allowing you to maintain your current job and/or keep your family a priority.  This is a rare opportunity to start a new life with a satisfying career!
Come join the world of dentistry!

How is Grays Academy of Dental Assisting different from other dental assisting schools?

1. We teach our lab in an actual dental office setting. Most large schools teach you in a classroom lab. So there is a lack of understanding how the actual flow of a 'day in the life' of a real dental office goes. At Grays Academy, you are taught in an actual dental office, you will be taught what it's like to take a patient through the entire experience step by step, from lobby check in to check out. This flow is an important foundation for the overall understanding of a working dental assistant, and will make your transition into your future employment that much easier. You learn the Big Picture.


2. We do not require an externship. Most dental assisting schools require you take part in an externship to complete the course. Externships can be 20-80 hours 'volunteering' (unpaid) at a dental office. Due to liability reasons, most externship offices don't give you very many hands-on tasks, and it becomes an observation style situation. I do not discourage this opportunity to job shadow, but feel as though it delays employment by having to work for 'free'. Therefore, I leave it up to the student to decide if it's something they are interested in doing.


3. Condensing the course.  When I was in school, I thought there were many wasted hours on things that didn't help. And I also felt that they didn't focus enough on the most important subject of our job: THE PATIENT! At Grays Academy, we teach more about patient assessment, personalities, and real time situations that you will be dealing with as a dental assistant. Again, preparing you for your journey in the 'real' world out there!

4. Smaller classes. Larger schools, such as PIMA or Everest, have classes as large as 25 students. At Grays, you will have a class size no bigger than 8 students. More one-on-one time and less chaos, is the reason we can move through the program faster, and with a better chance of retaining the information.

5. Privately owned. Because we are not owned by a corporation, we have more control over our curriculum. Dr. Jaime Lee and I started this company because we are passionate about teaching dental assisting skills! I don't have a corporate boss to answer to, so if my students' input steer me to make a change in the way I teach something, I can implement that immediately.


DId you know?
The Average Hourly Wage in 2012 for a Dental Assistant in WA was $18.52

Extra Perks of being a Dental Assistant:
(these will vary depending on your employer)

  • 3-day weekends
  • Holidays off
  • Weekends off
  • Monthly/quarterly or holiday bonuses
  • Continuing Education paid for  
  • Paid Vacations
  • Medical Benefits
  • and of course Dental benefits!







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